Buy, sell, and maintain your home with confidence - the confidence that comes with a structural pest inspection from Inside Out Inspection Services

In addition to a general home inspection, the structural pest inspection is an important part of buying, selling, and maintaining a home. The team at Inside Out believes so strongly in the importance of structural pest inspections that the service is included at no extra charge with any buyer’s, seller’s, or maintenance inspection.

A structural pest inspection will determine whether any wood-destroying organisms, such as wood-decay fungus, termites, and destructive ants and beetles, are present in the structure. In addition, the inspector will alert you of conditions that may encourage wood-destroying organisms to flourish so you are able to take preventive action against their growth.

Your home is one of the largest single investments you will make in your lifetime. Protect its value and minimize unexpected expenses with a structural pest inspection from Inside Out Building Inspection Inc.

Inside Out’s home inspectors are licensed and bonded as Structural Pest Inspectors in Washington State.