Buy, sell, and maintain all aspects of your home with confidence—the confidence that comes with a video sewer scope inspection from Inside Out Inspection Services

Many of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a well-functioning home aren’t obvious to the naked eye. As part of Inside Out’s goal to offer the most detailed, informative, and thorough inspections available, its building inspectors now offer a Video Scope Inspection service (as part of a general home inspection or as an independent service) to ensure your plumbing and sewage systems are operating properly.

During a Video Scope inspection, a Rigid SeaSnake camera system reaches into your sewer line, traveling to the city main line to check for blockages, leaks, or pits, which can evolve into holes in the line. The sewer scope service includes a color DVD recording of the entire process, as well as a written report with photographic stills, which provide a comprehensive idea of the sewer scope’s findings and elements that may need to be repaired. This information can then be used as a resource and shared with your plumber if repairs are necessary.

Inside Out generally recommends video scopes for houses built before the 1970s, but even newer homes or brand-new construction can have flaws in the sewer line that can cost thousands of dollars to repair. It is imperative that these repairs are made before sewage backs up out of drains and destroys your home and possessions.

Your home is one of the largest single investments you will make in your lifetime. Protect its value and minimize unexpected expenses with a sewer scope inspection from Inside Out Inspection Services